Meehanite casting good rigitdity and undistorted large diameter quill is chromed and good abradability specialities design, easily operation turcite B on X Axis and Y Axis Dovetail Slide Way on X / Y / Z Axis.
Draw Bar, Tool Box with Tolls, One-shot Lubrication system, switch, dust protecting cover.

Cooling system, power feed align, digital read out 2 axis, digital read out 3 axis, 6” Angel Vise, 52 PCS. Clamping Kits, Milling Chuck, Collets working light, electric box slotting head, riser block, 6 K Milling Vise,Dividing head rotary table, Hor Milling ATT., Chip tray.


Model TM 7140 (Bed Type Milling) T-2S T-3S T-4S (CNC Milling)
Working Surface 1400 x 400 mm 1000 x 230mm 1230 x 254mm 1230 x 254mm
T-Slots (Sizexnoxdistance) 3-18-100 16x3x64 16x3x64 16x3x64
Longitudinal of Travel (X-Axis) 800 660mm 890mm 890mm
Cross Travel (Y-Axis) 400 335mm 406mm 406mm
Travel of Knee   350mm 420mm 420mm
Spindle Motors 7.5HP 3HP 3HP 5HP
Speeds 9 16 16 16
Quill Distance 105 86mm 86mm 105mm
Quill Travel   127 127 127
Quill Feed MM/RES <----------- 0.04-0.08-0.16 ----------->
Taper of Spindle No ISO-50 R8or NST 30 R8 or NST 30 R8 or NST 40
Swiveling Angle 30º Each side 90º Each side 90º Each side 90º Each side
Overarm Travel   310mm 540mm 540mm
Distance Spindle to Table   445mm 485 485