Material of Body & RAM Table High Grade FG-220 Alloy, C.I casting conforming to IS: 210:2009
Hardness of Material of Body and RAM (in BHN)(WITH TOLERANCE +/- 10% 200 200
Material of Gear & Shaft EN-8/EN-9 Steel
Hardness of Gear & Shaft (in HRC) 45
Material of Tool Holder Forged Steel
Conforming specification for Mechanical Guarding As per IS: 9474: 1980 (Reaffirmed 2012)
Motor Specification IS: 325: 1996 with Amdt. 1 to 3 (Reaffirmed 2012)
Conforming specification for Control Switches IS: 13947



Accessories:(Standard / Optional)
Machine light
Electric control panel provided
Tool holder provided
Oil can provided
Allen key set provided
Machine vice provided
Power supply AC 3-Phase, 415V +-10 % , 50 HZ
Colour of machine Apple green
2 sets of operation / maintenance manuals, containing electrical circuit diagram,detailed assembly drawings of each sub assembly with part list shall be provided Yes Yes
Swiveling Vice
Allen Key Set
V-Belts Yes
Crank Handle
Spanner Set
Screw Driver
Oil Can Yes
Motor Pulley
Tool Box
Electric Motor & starter with fittings & wiring
Key way cutting attachment
Automatic tool lifting device
Automatic feed to the tool slide
Automatic lubricating pump
Rapid feed system with control panel


Stroke Length (In mm) 315
RAM Length (in mm) 660
RAM Bearing (in mm) 610
Working Surface of Table (in mm x mm) 305 x 203
Max Distance from Table to RAM (in mm) 250
Min Distance from Table to RAM (in mm) 50
Max Horizontal Travel of Table (in mm) 310
Max Vertical Travel of Table (in mm) 140
Angular Movement of Table 45
Max Tool Shank Size (in mm) 20 x 20
Max Vertical Travel of ToolSlide(in mm) 50
Max Swivel of Tool Head (in deg) 45
No of RAM Speed 3
Cross feed range per stroke in mm 0.2-1
Range of RAM Speed (in Stroke/ min) 20-90
Power of Motor, Continuous (in HP) 2
Weight of machine (in KG) 450