• Middle Position Setting Ball Screw
  • Full closed Shield for Guide Way
  • Machining Class: Precise Class, Precision: 0.01mm, Min. Setting Unit: 0.001mm
  • Guideway Forged by Cast Iron
  • Z Axes Slide Board adopt Plastic Sticked Technology
  • Guideway was Grinded by Special Guide Way Grinding Machine
  • Ultrasonic Frequency Quenched Guide Way
  • Integral Casted Bed
  • Precise Rigid Bearing(Total 4pcs for Spindle Bearings)
  • X.Z Axes Feeding Motor connect with Ball Screw directly( not through Strap)
  • SA1. Machine Stand Bolt& Pad 1Set
  • SA2. Spring Collet (1pc) (To be installed on machine, standard is unopened, can be opened as required. The collet is produced by good material and is hardened by Ultrasonic Frequency Quenching. )
  • SA3. Gang Tool Holders 3pcs
  • SA4.Two Head Spanner 1 Set
  • SA5.Allen Wrench 1 Set
  • SA6.Screw Driver 1 Set
  • SA7. Tool Turret Spanner(Optional)
  • SA8. Chuck Spanner(Optional)
  • SA9. Full set English Version operation and maintenance manual for CNC Lathe,CNC System, Inverter, Tool Turret,Chuck etc.

OA1. More Spring Collets
We only provide 1pc Collet as standard accessories. If you need more, need to add price 1(Standard opened or unopened Collet)

OA2. More Gang Tool Holders
We only provide 3pcs Gang Tool Holders as standard accessories. If need more, need to add price

OA3. Manual 3-jaw Self-centering Thru-hole Chuck(1 Set)+ Flange(1pc) (Top 1 Brand in CHINA-ZHONGHUAN)
  • OA6.1 O.D.:100mm I.D.:22mm
  • OA6.2 O.D.:130mm I.D.:30mm
  • OA6.3 O.D.:160mm I.D.:40mm
OA4. 4 Station Vertical Type Electric Tool Turret
Item Specification Unit Parameter
Capacity Max. Swing Dia. over Bed mm Φ320(Without Shield Cover);290(With Shield Cover)
Max. Swing Dia. Over Slide mm Φ130(for 4 Station Tool Turret); Φ80(for Gang Tool)
Max. Through Dia. Of Bar mm Φ20/30/38
Max. Machining Length mm 200
Thread Range Metric mm 0.25-100
Inch TPI 100-4
Spindle Speed Range Frequency Conversion r/min 50-5000/50-3000/50-2000
Spindle Bore mm Φ26/38/48
Taper of Spindle ° 45°
Tube Bore mm Φ22/32/40
Size of Chuck mm Φ100/130/160(Optional)
Power of Spindle Motor kw Frequency Conversion(3 phase 3kw), 3.7kw Inverter or Two Speed 4/6 (3 phase 2.2kw/2.8kw or 3/4kw)
Clamping Device ---- Standard: Manual/Penumatic Collet Device
Optional: Manual or Hydraulic Chuck Device
X.Z Axes Travel of X-axes mm 280
Travel of Z-axes mm 200
Feeding Speed of X/Z Axes m/min 6
Torque of X/A Axes Motor Nm 4Nm(Servo); 12Nm(Step)
Min. Setting Unit of X/Z Axes mm 0.001
Tool Post Type of Tool Post ---- Standard: Gang Tool Carriage
Optional: 4 station Electric Tool Turret
No. of Tools   1-8 Station(Gang Tool Carriage);4 Station(4 Station Electric Tool Turret
Size of Tool Shank mm 16×16 or 18×18 or 20×20
Other Lubrication Oil Pump Motor W 20
Power of Coolant Pump Motor W 90
Overall Dimension mm 1550(L)*960(W)*1450(H)
Net Weight Kg 1100
CNC System --- Standard: GSK928TEII,GSK980TDa/TDb.

Standard Configuration:

Configuration No.1 No.2 No.2
CNC System GSK928TEII CNC Controller(Colorful, English Version)
X.Z Axes Feeding Motor & Driver Step  
GSK Brand AC Servo    
Hand Wheel    
Spindle Motor Two-speed 4 / 6 (3phase 2.2/2.8kw)    
Frequency Conversion 3phase 3kw  
Clamping Device Manual Collet Device(Spring Collet 1pc)    
Pneumatic Collet Device(Spring Collet 1pc)  
Gang Tool Carriage& Gang Tool Holder(3pcs)
Manual Tailstock      
Thread Function
Lubrication System Manual    
New Type Automatic Central  
Coolant Pump System
Working Lamp
Strengthened Coolant Fans(for Topic Zone)