• Slant Bed (45 Degree, Ensure High Rigid, High Stability, Easy Delivery of Scraps)
  • Linear Guide Way(Taiwan HWIN Brand, Ensure High Feeding Speed)
  • Full-closed Guide Way Shield (Protect from Oil and Water Leakage)
  • Ball Screw set in middle of Guide Way( Ensure equal Force and stable operation and direction precision)
  • High Precision (0.005mm precise class Machining, Repeatability:0.005mm) Especially suitable for small& precise workpiece.
  • X.Z Axes Motor connect with Ball Screw directly( not through Strap) (Ensure High Feeding Speed)
  • Gang Tool Carriage& Gang Tool Holder(Ensure High Repeatability& Precise Machining)
  • High Efficiency(Fast Feeding, Pneumatic Collet realizes Fast workpiece changing)
  • Integral Casted Bed(Ensure High Rigidity& High Stability)
  • Precise Rigid Bearing(ensure high stability and long using lifespan)
  • Strengthened Cover( 2mm Thickness)
  • Strengthened Spindle( Total 2+2=4 pcs Bearings)
  • SA1. Machine Stand Bolt& Pad 1Set
  • SA2. Spring Collet (1pc) (To be installed on machine, standard is unopened, can be opened as required. The collet is produced by good material and is hardened by Ultrasonic Frequency Quenching.)
  • SA3. Gang Tool Holders 3pcs
  • SA4.Two Head Spanner 1 Set
  • SA5.Allen Wrench 1 Set
  • SA6.Screw Driver 1 Set
  • SA7. Tool Turret Spanner(Optional)
  • SA8. Chuck Spanner(Optional)
  • SA9. Full set English Version operation and maintenance manual for CNC Lathe,CNC System, Inverter, Tool Turret, Chuck etc.

  • OA1. More Spring Collets
  • OA2. More Gang Tool Holders
  • OA3. Manual 3-jaw Self-centering Thru-hole Chuck(1 Set)+ Flange(1pc)
    1 O.D.:100mm I.D.:22mm
    2 O.D.:130mm I.D.:30mm
    3 O.D.:160mm I.D.:40mm
  • OA4. 4 Station Vertical Type Electric Tool Turret
Industry: To turn Instruments, Electronic Connector, Medical Apparatus etc.
Studying: To study the construction and working of CNC Slant Bed Lathe; To practice programming; To try programming and turning sample piece;
                To train personnel for programming and operation of CNC Slant Bed Lathe.
*Machining Range: Short Spindle, Small Disk, High-precision Curve Surface, MF and BSF etc.
*Machining Shape: Cylinder, Cone, Tower-shape, Pear-shape, Pipe &Taper Screw Thread etc.
*Machining Class: Precise Class
*Machining Precision: 0.005mm
*Min. Setting Unit: 0.001mm

Item Specification Unit Parameter
Capacity Max. Swing Dia. over Bed mm Φ360 (Real can reach 380mm)(after install shield)
Max. Swing Dia. Over Slide mm Φ130(For Electric Tool Turret)/Φ80(For Gang Tool Board
Max. Through Dia. Of Bar mm Φ20/30/38
Max. Machining Length mm 230
Thread Range Metric mm 0.25-100
Inch TPI 100-4
Spindle Speed Range Frequency Conversion r/min 50-5000/50-3500/50-2500
Spindle Bore mm Φ32/38/48
Taper of Spindle ° 45°
Tube Bore mm Φ26/32/40
Size of Chuck mm Φ100/130/160(Optional)
Power of Spindle Motor kw Frequency Conversion(3 phase 3kw), 3.7kw Inverter
Clamping Device ---- Standard: Penumatic Collet Device
Optional: Manual or Hydraulic Chuck
X.Z Axes Travel of X-axes mm 250
Travel of Z-axes mm 230
Feeding Speed of X/Z Axes m/min 15
Torque of X/Z Axes Motor Nm 4Nm(Servo)
Min. Setting Unit of X/Z Axes mm 0.001
Tool Post Type of Tool Post ---- Standard: Gang Tool Device
Optional: 4 station Electric Tool Turret
No. of Tools   1-8 Station(Gang Tool Carriage);4 Station(4 Station Electric Tool Turret
Size of Tool Shank mm 16×16 or 18×18 or 20×20
Other Lubrication Oil Pump Motor W 20
Power of Coolant Pump Motor W 90
Overall Dimension mm 1590(L)*1070(W)*1520(H)
Net Weight Kg 1100
CNC System --- Standard: GSK928TEII,GSK980TDb.

Standard Configuration:

Configuration No.2
CNC System GSK928TEII CNC Controller(Colorful, English Version)
X.Z Axes Feeding Motor& Driver GSK Brand AC Servo
Hand Wheel
Spindle Motor Two-speed 4 / 6 (3phase 2.2/2.8kw)  
Frequency Conversion 3phase 3kw 3.7kw Inverter
Clamping Device Manual Collet Device(Spring Collet 1pc)  
Pneumatic Collet Device(Spring Collet 1pc)
Gang Tool Carriage& Gang Tool Holder(3pcs)
Manual Tailstock  
Thread Function
Lubrication System Manual  
Automatic Central
Coolant Pump System
Working Lamp
Thickened Cover(2mm Thickness )